16 09, 2015

Developing Epistemic Communities in a Global City: Los Angeles

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In this 2014 essay focused on the changing sociocultural dynamics observed in global cities, Michael Ignatieff discussed the social and moral factors necessary for community-based inclusive growth in the face of rapid migration and shifting demographics.

Although global cities such as Los Angeles and New York have seen the emergence of multiracial, multilingual, and multicultural communities, […]

4 09, 2015

In the News: Just Growth and the Minimum Wage in Silicon Valley

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In a June 2014 article Silicon Valley’s minimum wage success story, Amy B. Dean cited Chris Benner and Manuel Pastor’s previous research on linking equity and growth.
“Academic research has backed the idea that Silicon Valley’s experience with minimum wage and living wage measures can be applied broadly. As the University of California at Davis’ Chris […]

28 08, 2015

“Just Growth” book made a university leader’s personal reading list

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Hey, our “Just Growth” book made the list http://t.co/F0HBxP1TjH Also chk out our next book “Equity Growth & Cmmnty” http://t.co/JaknyszUPe

— Dr. Manuel Pastor (@Prof_MPastor) August 27, 2015